​Brea Olinda High School Wrestling Boosters & Brea Wrestling Club

Brea Olinda Wrestling Online Store Front

Please click on the picture or follow the link to access our online wrestling gear store for Brea Wrestling.

Be sure to place your orders before the ordering windows close.  There will be a few windows each year to order wrestling gear. However, if you want to be sure you have your competition singlet, head gear, and practice gear in time for the winter season kick off and competitions please order the things you need before the first deadline closes on October 8th.  Once a window closes you will receive your gear in approximately 4-5 weeks time.

All wrestlers must have a singlet and head gear to compete.  We encourage all to have at least one pair of shorts and t-shirt to wear in practice as well as sweats for the colder days.  Team polos and quarter zips can be warn on match and tournament days as well if athletes have them.  We have included skin prep wipes and soap designed for combat athletes as well.  If your athlete has braces, they are required by CIF to have a mouth guard for them, these are available also.